Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injuries can significantly decrease quality of life for the injured person and their family. No two brain injuries are alike and care planning is focused on safety along with the individual’s needs and desires for their future.

Spinal cord injury

Spinal Cord Injury is a catastrophic injury that changes the way one must relate to their environment. Promoting the maximum amount of independence for the individual through therapy, equipment, and adapting to surroundings is a goal of the life care plan.


These injuries require significant adaptations. The plan of care considers the individual’s pre-injury capacity and works to restore them to the lifestyle and activities they enjoy with the use of prosthetics and other support.


Victims of burns can suffer long-term pain and disability. Scarring, adhesions, contractures, disfigurement, and risk for additional injuries due to fragile skin are just some of the potential issues to address in a life care plan.

Chronic Pain

This is a condition that can limit function and quality of life. When planning care for someone expected to live with chronic pain, the focus is on promoting an active and engaged lifestyle despite their pain. Many times, psychological and practical support is needed.

Organ Transplantation

When there is a serious injury to a vital organ, the organ may require replacement. Care prior to and after transplant supports the overall health of the individual. Sometimes the lifetime of the donor organ is limited and must be replaced more than once.

Neck and Back Injuries

These injuries commonly occur after a motor vehicle accident. Many times, conservative care will resolve injuries, and other times the treatment progresses to surgery or long-term pain management.

Toxin Exposure

Poisoning from the environment can lead to a wide variety of needs depending on what the body has been exposed to and the route of exposure. For example, gunshot victims can continue to receive lead poisoning from remaining fragments and may require lifetime monitoring and treatments.

Sexual Abuse

Victims often suffer long-term psychological insults that impact the trajectory of their life. Mental health counseling, among other things, is important to consider for immediate stabilization and long-term recovery.

Injuries like these can be catastrophic. We base our work on the highest standards in life care planning. Life care plans are comprehensive and explain recommended care that is rehabilitative, preventive, and promotes best outcomes.

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