Providing injury research and education to the highest standard.

No one ever plans on an accident. As treatment begins, your plan of care is revised with each doctor visit. When you need to know what care is medically necessary for the long-term, our experts can help.

Planning for restoration and quality of life after an injury is an integral part of recovery. Clarifying the rationale, duration, frequency, and expense of needed care is what we do best.

Whether suffering an injury or trying to understand someone else’s injury, you need expert help to ensure a quality life care plan is in place that follows sound methodology and the highest standards.

At MacKenzie Life Care Planning, our experts provide a complete understanding of a patient's complex current and future needs.

We Organize a Cohesive and Understandable Plan of Care.

  • Assessment of Needs

    We conduct research regarding the injury to gain an understanding of potential support and medical care needs.

  • Evaluee Meeting

    We meet with the individual and family to gain their perspective, which gives us useful information regarding their care needs.

  • Cost Analysis

    We perform a straightforward cost analysis of future care based on a valid and reliable methodology.

  • Expert Testimony

    We provide expert testimony, including depositions and trials, to educate involved parties regarding future care and vocational projections.